[Column] Church revives when worship of the faithful is alive

Church revives when worship of the faithful is alive

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


A few years ago I attended a worship and praise conference at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. It was inspiring to see tens of thousands of Christians all over the world worshipping together. With membership of over ten thousand, Hillsong Chruch became Australia’s biggest church to have grown mainly as a result of dynamic worship. The members of the church feel that ascribing to God excellent and dynamic worship is the most important calling in life. At a growing and reviving church like Hillsong, there are astonishment and grace in worship.

The purpose of man’s creation or of church’s evangelization is for worship. All believers will forever worship and glorify God in His Kingdom to come. William Nichols said, “All other church activity may disappear but worship alone will last unto God’s Kingdom.” Church receives the foretaste of God’s kingdom through the glory of worship even from earthly life.

The members of a growing church have a consummate longing for worship. The main sanctuary of Yoido Full Gospel Church becomes full twenty minutes before worship service because the faithful yearn for worship and grace. The attitude toward worship and church growth are directly related. There is a sharp difference between the hearts of the faithful who come early to a Sunday worship service to prepare themselves through prayers and praise and those of the faithful who hurriedly come to church late and attend service.

A reviving church has the faithful who worship with spirit and truth. The following are the common types of ungraceful worshippers: “Somniacs” who make up for all lost sleep at church, “dialogists” who continually chat with the person on the next, “bookworms” who keep reading the church bulletin throughout service, “socialites” whose only interest is after church activity, “analysts” who lose the sight of grace by overanalyzing sermon, “bilocationists” who look at the pastor but is located elsewhere in mind, and “picky eaters” who agree only to the message they wish to hear. The members of a growing church are not just an audience but they become devout participants.

The blood of Christ, anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God must manifest in the profound worship in spirit and truth. The faithful must be cleansed by the blood, empowered by the anointing, and transformed by the Word. Some Christian once said, “I have been attending church for twenty years and hearing sermon but do not remember any.” Another Christian in response said, “ I have been eating for decades yet I don’t remember anything about what I ate when I ate but Trust me. I grew and am sustained to this day because I ate regularly.” The reason why the members of a healthy church are equipped with a sound spirit is that they have been attentive to the Word and regularly and earnestly worshipping God.

The phenomenon of increasing nominal Christians in the modern church may be attributed to the failure of renewal in worship. When you succeed in worship, you succeed in life. Only when you succeed in worship, church revives and grows. Do you truly worship God in all aspects of life or at church? Worship is the greatest vocation an individual or church has been given. 


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