[Column] Church Revival is Dependent on Dedication of Staff

Church Revival is Dependent on Dedication of Staff

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


There is one thing I learned from my studies and observation of church growth. That is in every growing and reviving church not only there is an excellent senior pastor but also there is dedicated and committed staff. What is required of these officials is not a high level of education or competence but wholehearted faith in God.

If Jesus requested the review of the qualification of the twelve apostles to a professional testing agency, he would have obtained the following answer:

“The following are the results of the review of the resumes of the twelve individuals, their psychological test, and their aptitude tests you requested. Simply put, they are under-qualified as employees. The level of education is seriously low and they are lacking in experience. They have no concept of communal identity and are short-tempered. They are incompetent and self-centered. They are pessimistic in their outlook and are even tainted with dangerous heresy and controversial ideas.  However of the twelve individuals whose review you requested, one person received the highest mark. His name is Judas Iscariot. He excels in knowledge and task management. He has the intuition and judgment of an entrepreneur. He is sociable and highly motivated. We only recommend Judas Iscariot as the perfect candidate."

Judas Iscariot by strictly human standards was indeed competent.  He must have been analytical and practiced the utmost attention to detail to have been in charge of disciples’ moneybox. However, he never was fit to be a good servant of the Lord because he judged God’s work according to human interest. Even in today’s church, there are those who boast themselves by secular standards and serve only for self-display. Such people serve no good but harm. Dedicated staff has the heart of all-consuming dedication to God.

Another important trait of loyal staff is dedication to the visions of church or pastors. In any organization, there occurs an amazing transformation if core leaders are united. Gun-hee Lee, CEO of Samsung Conglomerate, went on a business trip to Germany with his chairmen. He asked them about the strengths of Samsung. One of them said, “We at Samsung train and recruit human resources very effectively.” Another said, “We invest largely in research and development.” After hearing these comments, Lee remained silent for a while and broke his silence after they all arrived at the hotel, “The greatest strength of Samsung is the momentum to move forward in one direction.” Indeed, the key to Samsung’s emerging as a formidable global business leader was unity as seen by the CEO himself. Church is the same. When the entire staff moves in one direction under the vision given to the senior pastor by God, there arise synergy and creative transformation. Staff must unite not only in faith in God but also in the visions of the church.

God never delights in the belligerent officials who enjoy arguments and criticisms, the egotistic officials who views everything from his perspective, the jealous officials who cannot tolerate the attention given to others, the dishonest officials who lie to avoid responsibility, and the ill-speaking officials who talk behind people’s back. Let us try to impress God by becoming the staff dedicated to faith and visions.


  1. Micah and Chelsea

    This past Sunday we learned about the power of Jesus’ blood and in prayer we should always pray to be purified each and every day. We felt very strongly towards this message and look forward to next weeks sermon.

    Micah and Chelsea

  2. Dear Micah and Chelsea, gald to hear from you. Only
    the love of God lasts. I hope that you are filled with the love of God (the blood of Jesus) so that you may share it
    with others, Hallelujah^^

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