[Column] Clothe Yourselves with Jesus Christ

Clothes are an outward expression of one’s status. If a man who has just been released from prison still walks around in his prison uniform, he will be made a spectacle. If we have been released from prison, we must let go of the prison uniform. Likewise, we must put on new clothes if we have been liberated from the power of the kingdom of darkness. Apostle Paul urges us in Romans 13:14, “Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

What does in mean to “clothe yourselves with Christ?”  It means we have to be “models” for Jesus Christ. What functions do models serve? They bring out the beauty of the clothes they wear. One of the most essential requirements for being a model is a lean and beautifully proportioned body. Up until the 17th and 18th centuries, the standard of feminine beauty was a slightly corpulent body figure. However, as the profession of modeling became increasing prominent, the standard of beauty changed. The reason for it is very simple. A slightly corpulent person makes him or herself more visible than his or her clothes. On the other hand, a slim person makes his or her clothes more conspicuous. Models maintain their slim figures not strictly for self-display. Rather, they do so for the display of the clothes they wear and enhanced reputation of the designers of the clothes. By the same token, we Christians must display Christ by putting on Christ. Not we but Christ, Our clothes, must be made prominent.

To become the models for Christ means to unite with Him in thoughts and minds. Also, it means His faith becomes our faith; the visions and dreams of Christ become my visions and dreams; Word of God emanates from within us as though God Himself directly speaks through us. Daniel Goleman, the best selling author of Emotional Intelligence, writes, “Emotions are contagious, particularly when exhibited by those at the top, and extremely successful leaders display a high level of positive energy that spreads throughout the organization. The more positive the style of a leader, the more positive, helpful, and cooperative are those in the group.” How true this is. Al our thoughts, emotions, dreams, and language are contagious. Even our clothes and sentiments are contagious. Those who put on Christ emanate the fragrance of Christ because they think of Christ. Just as dressing in style, not necessarily in expensive clothes, enhances one’s appearance, putting on Christ enhances instills in us beauty. He who has put on Christ brings out light and fragrance.

Nowadays in Korea people with beautiful faces are known as Ulzzang and those with toned bodies and well-developed muscles Momzzang. This public fascination with appearance triggered plastic surgery boom in spite of its exorbitant cost and some men even pay for a six pack/abdominal muscle surgery. What we need as Christians is not plastic surgery, but spiritual (Holy Spirit) surgery. Change only in appearance is not enough. The great power of Christianity is the renewal of our minds, inner beings, and souls. As Christians, we must strive to become Ulzzang and Momzzang by undergoing “spiritual” surgery and putting on Christ. Our best dress is Jesus Christ. We become radiant only when we put on Christ. Then darkness is driven away and light enters into our world. Let us all clothe ourselves with Christ.

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