[Column] Design God’s Dreams Through Prayer

Design God’s Dreams Through Prayer

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose (Philippians 2:13).

Human in Greek is Anthropos, which means the one who looks above. If we are indeed humans, we have to be those who look up or above. Without hope or aspirations in our heart, we are no different from the dead. Howard Hendricks said, “A leader is a person with a magnet in his heart and a compass in his head.” An excellent leader can be defined as the one who possesses the heart to attract people’s attention and the vision to move in a clear direction. To be a leader, one must first construct dreams.

We need to learn how to design the dream of God through prayer. Heaven exists not only in the Kingdom of God but also in our heart. God determines and accomplishes His will first in heaven and later on earth. When we pray in the Holy Spirit, God manifests His Spirit and reveals His will in our heart. God gives us clear messages in our heart. Also, through our prayers God specifically designs His plans for us.

If we proceed with God-given dreams, we no longer dwell on human ambition or secular desires. We must pray that His will be done in the heaven of our hearts as it is done in heaven up. As we pray, construct our dreams, and harbor them in our hearts, God’s will is accomplished in the visible realm of the third dimension. Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church said, “Everything is created twice.” This mean that all things are first created in man’s hart and later in reality. Willow Creek Church was first built in Bill Hybels’s heart and surfaced later in reality.

Rev. Yonggi Cho is the person who realized the dreams he constructed in the heaven of his heart. He had a dream to travel all over the world to preach the Gospel. For this dream he studied English. In the midst of his prayers, God showed him a great dream known as Yoido Full Gospel Church. Continual prayers gave concrete shapes to blurry visions. He soon declared to his congregation, “We’ll build a church to house more than 10, 000 people” and planned relocation from Seodaemun to Yoido. At the time, Yoido was undergoing its initial stage of urban development under then-Mayor of Seoul Hyun-Ok Kim.

His plan to transform a desert-like, former air force base into the “Manhattan” of Korea was met with criticisms and attacks from the media. The argument was that no one would move to Yoido when legitimate socio-economic environments had not been created. Back then there had been no aqueduct, power plant, or the highway system. Against the lack of land buyers in Yoido, the Mayor of Seoul offered the land of over 24 acres at a fraction of its value and even promised assistance in construction. Moreover, the church construction itself was under its way against insufficient funds. The culmination of prayers and patience against all odds is today’s Yoido Full Gospel Church. The dream impressed upon the sky of one man’s heart was realized through prayers. Numerous are the people who dreamed and accomplished an enormous church growth upon observing Rev. Yonggi Cho’s ministry.

Almost every year, CGI(Church Growth International) Conference is held at Yoido Full Gospel Church. In the conference, the church leaders from all over the world gather to study and to hear lectures on the principles of church growth at Yoido Full Gospel Church. Many church leaders who attend the conference go through the transformation of the patterns of thought and conceive new dreams. In fact, Lawrence Kong of Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore and Caesar Castellano, who pastors the biggest church in South America, have been inspire by the books and lectures by Rev. Cho and learned to dream.

Castellano started a church while praying. It is said that in his prayer God showed him small grains of sand in the ocean and gave him the conviction, “I will send you people like these.” Every time he prayed, he dwelled on the vision through faith. As he nurtured his dream and prayed, a stroke of genius known as G-12 came to him. “Make disciples of 12 people and let each of them disciple 12,” was the idea that went off in his head. Ultimately, he reaped a great success with G-12 ministry programs. Likewise, we must construct the God-given dreams in the open heaven of our hearts and pray for their realization. Then those dreams become a reality in the third dimensional world. Continue to pray until you will be inspired by the visions and dreams of the Holy Spirit who works in you.

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