[Column] Desire Eternal Life

Desire Eternal Life

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


An egg has a shell inside which are egg white and yolk. It consists of a shell, egg white and, egg yolk. Likewise, man has body, soul, and spirit. Plants have only bodies. They lack souls. On the other hand, animals have both bodies and souls. Upon encounters with humans, they stare, grow excited, or turn depressed. However they lack spirits unlike man. Man has spirit, which is distinct from soul. We possess the spirit that resembles the image of God. Thus we fellowship with, pray to, delight in, and have eternal life in God all in the spiritual realm. Man cannot attain true contentment unless he meets God and is saved. Man is a spiritual being. He cannot resist the instinct to yearn for eternal life.

As soon as ducklings and chicks hatch from eggs, the former immediately jumps into water and swims. Chicks do not even look at water because they are instinctively different from ducklings. An instinct to swim is a proof that there is water to swim in. For that reason, instinct has been given. That people desire longevity and eternal life is a sign that they have spirits and that there is a spiritual world. 

A traveler from the U.K. discovered a pea inside a several-thousand year old mummy in Egypt. After returning to his home country, he planted the pea. Eventually it sprouted and bore fruits. The pea that has been hardened and dead for several centuries sprouted when provided with proper temperature and water. Will human life end upon death when even a mere pea is brought back to life? There is life after death: eternal life. Those who believe in God are absolved of sin and obtain everlasting life. The blood of Christ who died for our sin forgives sin. Because He paid the wages of our sin, the believer in Christ becomes the glorious person who enjoys everlasting life.

A larva climbs the tree. There it escapes from the shell and dies. Ironically, it metamorphosizes into a cicada. What used to crawl underground has died and resurrected into a flying cicada. How marvelous. It has transformed into a completely different creature. An underground creature died and rose again as something entirely different.  A creeping caterpillar escaped from its shell and died also. Later, it became a butterfly. It is rising from the dead. Would not man the lord of creation rise again after death? Is death the end? That is not so. There are eternal life and a permanent abode to stay in. Live a blessed life of experiencing life everlasting by receiving Christ into your heart.

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