[Column] Develop Spiritual Brain Capital

Develop Spiritual Brain Capital

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


The 21st century is governed by brain capital rather than by financial capital. What is inside the heads of employees is indispensable to the continual development of a company. Yoohan Kimberly, the ever-growing business in Korea, places utmost emphasis on lifetime education.  Employees greatly contribute to company by maximizing the levels of culture and aptitude through self-development and education. Most growing businesses have adopted the mode of management founded on learning. To become a leader, one must build knowledge on the foundation of visions.

When I was studying in England, I came away with a positive impression of the professors of English colleges that they are earnestly studying educators. In the colleges of the U.K and Europe, only fulltime instructors are given the title “professor.” In the U.K, “professors” are fewer than 10% of the entire instructors. The equivalent of an assistant professor is a reader, which literally translates as the person who reads. Only those with scholarly accomplishments from extensive study and research advance to a readership and even rare are those who are promoted to a professorship. The competitiveness of the colleges in the U.K is dependent upon the academic motivation of students and professors.

Wilhelm Ostwald, the Noble laureate in chemistry in 1909, studied the common characteristics of the people of historical significance and the people who achieved great success and found two things: First, they were positive thinkers. Second, they were avid readers. He discovered that those who succeed are equipped with positive attitudes and good study habits. For example, the computer mogul Bill Gates reads daily in spite of his busy schedule. Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Learning has little to do with age or background. Willingness to learn is an internal gene indispensable to successful leaders and organizations.

Growing churches also develop brain capital. Learning factors are the DNA of church growth. 2 peter 3:18 advises, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Growing in the knowledge of God is the obligation every Christian and church. Whether missionary organizations or small groups, a gathering that studies and learns is destined to grow. But a group without willingness to learn is doomed to deteriorate.

The means of brain capital development is reading. Korean Christians are not avid readers whereas American Christians read extensively. Evangelical Christian Publishers Association reports that the revenue of the publications sold annually is nearly 2.38 billion dollars. This is an astronomical amount. The power of American Christianity stems from devotional reading. Many of the growing churches I know have recommend /required readings. I once heard about a senior pastor of the Korean church with exponential growth based in the U.S. who presents two books every month to his assistant pastors and recommends reading them. He also recommends a list of readings to his church members.

Good reads enables us to learn from the past and dream about the future. Instill in the faithful learning factors. Give them the fervent desire to learn. Let them learn through books, people, hardship, and seminars. Where there is no learning, there is no growth. The culture of learning necessitates the supreme example of the leader. The enthusiastic self-management and self-education of Rev. Yonggi Cho from Yoido Full Gospel Church in Korea are well known. The church members know him as the leader who tirelessly studies and learns. Leaders are lifetime readers. A growing church is the church that studies for life. We grow as much as we know God. Let your small groups and church continue to study. Implant study codes within your church.


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