[Column] Devote Your Life like Mary

The Metropolitan Tabernacle located in London, England is the church where Charles Spurgeon served as pastor. With its membership of 4,366 parishioners, the church once boasted its reputation as the world’s largest church. One day in his homily, Spurgeon said, “Dear brothers and sisters! If there are twelve people here with a passionate heart for Christ, we can change a cold and desolate environment of London into a place of joy. However, we will not be able to accomplish this task with 4,366 people if they are lukewarm.” How true this is. The keys to transform church or the world are passion and dedication. Mary, the mother of Mark, from the early church was a believer with passion and dedication for the Lord and His church.

She had a big house in Jerusalem. The place where Jesus held His last supper was in fact her house. From Christ’s resurrection to ascension, the apostles gathered at Mary’s upper room (John 20:19). In addition, it was her house where approximately 120 believers intently prayed until the coming of the Pentecost. The Holy Spirit manifested Himself at Mary’s house. Her abode was also used for the intercession for Paul when he was imprisoned. Aside from providing the place for prayer, she must have also provided food and nourishment for the fellow believers. She was a source of strength and comfort to the people and laborers of God. Without distinguishing between private ownership and God’s ownership, she gave all she had for the Lord and His church.

Mary also made a sacrificial commitment to God’s work. Mark was Barnaba’s relative, that is nephew (Colossians 4:10). Mark joined his uncle Barnabas or apostle Paul in ministry and later returned to Jerusalem due to his conflicts with apostle Paul. Having assisted in Peter’s ministry, Mark recorded many of Peter’s sermons and authored his own gospel. Mary must have been gravely concerned about her son’s safety in the midst of widespread persecution in the early church. Nevertheless, she dedicated her own son for the ministry of His Kingdom.

Mary had an unparalleled zeal for prayer. She offered her own abode as the house of prayer. She encouraged the faithful to gather for prayer and also dedicated herself to prayer so that God will remain in her house. Even when Apostle Paul was imprisoned, she along with other Christians prayed all night (Acts 12:12). We are to offer prayer even in uncertainty as did Mary. Why? It is because as Bob Pearce said we must leave room for God. God works in various ways beyond our imagination. His miracle surpasses human understanding and reason. Was Peter not freed from prison when the faithful gathered and prayed at Mary’s house (Acts chapter 12)?

God desires us to be devoted like Mary. He desires us to first offer unto Him our finances, children, time, and everything we have. However, what He desires from us the most is our hearts. He wants to be the priority in our lives. Only when we have fervor and passion for God, we can fulfill the ministry He called us into. As water generates vapors after it boils, our impassioned hearts and dedication generate the vapor of love and spiritual power. Life is not just breathing, eating, and drinking but fulfilling God’s purposes in us. May all of you serve God with everything you have as did Mary, the mother of Mark and be blessed with everlasting life and prosperity.

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