[Column] Dig Yet Again the Waterway of Spiritual Revival

Dig Yet Again the Waterway of Spiritual Revival

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

Water is the source of life. It is essential a factor in building the new habitat for family or a city. A well-preserved and maintained water well satiate people’s thirst for centuries. In Genesis chapter 26, Isaac learns that Philistines have blocked up all the wells Abraham dug. He then decides to dig wells in the valley of Gerar (Genesis 26:17-19). Isaac’s decision was wise. As costly and labor-intensive as digging wells may be, he once again obtains the source of water there. God desires to give us a spiritual well. He wants to give us the blessing of spiritual revival. He wishes that we dig wells in His oasis and dwell in the new grace and blessings. How should we go about this?

Spiritual revival is poured upon the sacrifice and prayers of spiritual ancestors and fathers. In 1983, a handful of Muslims in Algeria received the revelations about Jesus Christ through dreams, visions, and the visitations of angels. A few weeks later, the miraculous conversion of approximately 450 Muslims took place. This was 18 times the Christian population in that region at the time. The missionaries who had no association with this phenomenon did a little research and were surprised to have learned of new information. In that region, Ramon Lull, a Majorcan writer, philosopher, and missionary, did his missionary work and was martyred by angry Muslims in 1315. Heavenly mercy is poured upon one man’s sacrifice. We are like a dwarf on the shoulder of a giant. We may think we are tall but in truth we only appear tall because we are on the shoulder of a giant. Our faith is built upon the martyrdom and sacrifice of our spiritual predecessors. Therefore we must inherit their spiritual legacy and also bear in mind that our prayers for children and church will lay the foundation for revival in the future.

Revival is spiritual life and its manifestation. Salvation and the work of revival are ultimately rooted in Christ’s sacrifice. Zechariah 9: 11 reads, “As for thee also, because of the blood of thy covenant I have set free thy prisoners from the pit wherein is no water.” That which pulls people out of the waterless pit is rooted in Christ’s covenant and blood. Therefore we must depend on His blood and proclaim it. We should also hold fast to His word of promise, which is centered on His blood. Revival is God’s explosive response to Christ’s sacrificial shedding of blood. Seek spiritual revival in your life. Yearn for spiritual renewal in your church. Lay the foundation for your own revival. Hold fast to His word of promise and seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Ceaselessly pray so that you and your church may witness and experience revival. Then you and your church will be the agent of revival.

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