[Column] Enjoy the Things of the Present

Enjoy the Things of the Present

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


An excellent leader is a person who enjoys the things of the present. The word present has two meanings: now and gift. There is a book entitled The Present by Spencer Johnson, whose theme is that the greatest gift God has given us is now. One who succeeds in the present also succeeds in the future. He succeeds in life and succeeds as a leader. Satan attempts to rob us of joy of the present at all costs. If we have no joy in our hearts, it is a sign that we are being attacked by Satan. We must choose to think positively. Rather, we must delight in the present.

One day, a man who lost everything he had due to his business partner’s betrayal and was torn between suicide and revenge visited Reverend Norman Vincent Peale. As he listened, Reverend Peale took out a notebook and asked the man, “How many children do you have?” The man answered, “Two sons and two daughters. I have four children.” Reverend Peale wrote it down. When Reverend Peale asked, “Are your children behaving well?” the man answered, “Yes. They do well in school.” “How’s your credit?” he asked. The man said, “It is good.” Reverend Peal asked, “How’s your social interaction?” The man replied, “I have a number of good friends.” When asked, “How’s your health?” the man answered, “I may have nothing left but that I have.” He also answered yes to the question, “Do you have U.S. citizenship?”

After questioning, reverend Peale said, “It seems as though you have so much in spite of what you said earlier about losing everything. You have health, good friends, wife, children, good credit, and even U.S. citizenship many desire.” Upon hearing this, the man realized, “That’s right. I still have many good things.” Also, by reminding himself of what he has now, he let go of hopelessness of having lost money. Word has it that he got back on his feet and became an entrepreneur with greater success. We have to be able to enjoy the present situation. If it is utterly desolate, train yourself to think differently. Rev. Yonggi Cho used to tell younger pastors, “Let your ministry be your hobby.” That means we have to assume our responsibilities with joy. How delightful it would be if our vocation feels like vacation. The key to success is training to enjoy today and the present.

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