[Column] Gratitude is the Key to Health and Happiness

Chris Peterson, professor of psychology at University of Michigan, once said man’s true happiness lies in hope, love, and gratitude. His reasoning was that these three things give the most profound meaning and the greatest reward in life. Of these three emotions, we must understand the power of gratitude. If we remain grateful, we become healthy. Apply thank you therapy when there is distress of body and mind. Thank you therapy can be taken before or after meal or with water or without water. It has no side effects and is free of charge. Professors Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough of UC Davis found that gratitude overcomes stress, cures depression, and removes the remnants of negative emotions. Martin Luther once said, “There is no gratitude in the world of the devil.” When we live in gratitude, the devil is inflicted with suffering and agony.

Physical examination at the hospital measures blood pressure, blood sugar level, and various vital signs to determine health status. For example, the systolic pressure of over 150 and the diastolic pressure of over 90 are considered high blood pressure. However man’s health cannot be measured only by physical, numerical figures because man is endowed with intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacities. A truly healthy person has a high Thanksgiving Quotient. Happiness does not merely consist of meeting the basic necessities. Nor does it consist of money, big houses, and nice cars. A grateful person is truly healthy and happy.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Be thankful for moonlight, and you shall get sunlight: be thankful for sunlight, and you shall get that light of heaven which is as the light of seven days.” That is true. Gratitude is the invitation to the promise of healthy and happy life.

The Bible says gratitude is God’s will (1 Thessalonians 5:18). The gratitude in this case is the gratitude in all circumstances. We are called to give thanks to God not only when we are happy but when we are unhappy; not only when things go well but when things become a shambles. “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:20). We can be grateful in all circumstances because of Christ. We can always render unto God gratitude if we think about the abundant grace we have received from God through Christ. If you are truly grateful for the grace of Christ, share it with others and bear witness to it. As you assume the responsibility for the salvation of souls, a greater measure of grace and blessing will be upon you. Ascribe unto God the offering of thanksgiving in which God delights. You will enjoy prosperity and health of body and soul.

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