[Column] Live the life of Looking to the Heaven

Live the life of Looking to the Heaven

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


We must live life looking to the Heaven, not just to the earth. A boy in America picked up a five-dollar bill on the street. Excited as he was, it became his habit to look to the ground when walking. Eventually he developed intense interests in picking up things and subsequently collected 29,519 buttons, 54,172 hairpins, thousands of coins, and other miscellaneous items during his life. Ironically he missed out on the beauty of nature seen in the blue sky, a variety of flowers, and a wide array of colorful birds while picking up things. Ultimately his life ended in bohemianism. A shoe shiner boy stared at people’s shoes all day long in search of shoes to polish. In so doing, he was able to survive but lost his opportunity to transcend the life of a shoe shiner. His life could not have ended as anyone other than a shoe shiner. Man’s life is determined by what he beholds in life. Those who look to the earth will live by the means of the earth and those who look to the Heaven will live by the means of the Heaven. He who looks to the things of God and the dreams of God will surely succeed.

American animator, producer, and entrepreneur Walt Disney scrambled for jobs in his younger days. He presented his comic strips and illustrations to numerous newspaper publishers but was rejected. Even mere subsistence was luxury for him. Having no place to stay, he moved into a garage of a small church through personal referral of a pastor he knew. An old and dilapidated garage, it had many holes and mice inhabited there. Oddly enough, he was inspired by these mice and created an animation character known as “Mickey Mouse.” Through this character, Disney rose to prominence as a legendary animator and producer and subsequently opened Disneyland. He said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” He prospered though dreams.

Businessmen have dreams; politicians have dreams; artists and scientists too have dreams. If you want to live a worthwhile life, do dream. Be confident that as you come before God, pray according to His Word, remain faithful, and serve, He will reveal the visions for you and abide with you through dreams. The best time of your life has not come yet.

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