[Column] Perceive Yourself in Light of God’s Calling

Perceive Yourself in Light of God’s Calling

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


To be a leader, one must be equipped with the mindset of the fourth dimension. He needs first and foremost a clear idea as to for what purpose God has called him. God desires to change self-perception and identity when He equips a leader. He called Abram and changed his name to Abraham. By granting a new name, God desired to instill in him a new identity as “the father of faith” and “the father of all nations.”  When God works within us, He takes into account the levels of our self-perception, of our prayers, and of thinking. So long as we perceive ourselves to be “peons,” we will encounter limitations even if God wants to pour upon us greater blessings.

There is a story of a beggar. God assured him of His promise saying, “Tell me three wishes and I will grant them.” After contemplating a while, he realized he did not have a container to store rice or soup. He said, “God. Give me an aluminum can.” Having granted his wish, God asked him, “What is your second wish?” The beggar figured an aluminum can was not big enough for a large portion of food and said, “God. Give me a stainless container.” Finally, God threw the last question at him, “What is your last wish?” The beggar, realizing the need to keep his rice and soups warm, said, “God. Give me a vacuum insulated rice cooker.”  He sought his wishes within the confinement of his scarcity even from Almighty God.

Unless we understand who God is and who we are, the level of our prayers will never go beyond that of the beggar’s petition. God is the author of the Universe. If we are the sons and daughters of the King of King, we have the right to seek all things in the name of Jesus. We have to behold with the eyes of faith indescribable blessings God has prepared for us and seek it. To do so, it is essential to discover, create, and renew a clear sense of self-worth. God has called us to be His precious children and His people. We must live according to His calling. 

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