[Column] Prayer Gives Visions and Wisdom

Prayer Gives Visions and Wisdom

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


A man was laid off from a company in the United States. When he went to work, he caught a glimpse of layoff notice on his desk. Rage boiled up inside him. Vengeance against his supervisors and company was growing. As enraged and helpless as he was, he just ran away from home. After a while however he came back. He said to his wife, “Honey. I just want to die. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work out.” The wife replied, “Honey. There is one thing you have not tried. You have never sincerely prayed about the situation and plight you are in.” Oddly enough, this pressed upon his heart. He thought to himself, “That’s right. I have never prayed about this.” He began praying with his wife. While he was praying for a few days, hatred and vengeance completely disappeared from his heart.

Then, new ideas suddenly arose. He obtained loan using his house as collateral and started a small construction business. It was an enormous success. Within 5 years, he had his own “corporation” of a small size. One day, he prayed, “God. As I travel all over the places for business, I notice there are not many good hotels. There are fancy hotels but the rate is too high. Smaller hotels have bad atmosphere. I want to build a new hotel to provide exceptional service and relaxation to neighbor at a reasonable price.” God answered his prayer. He started building hotels one by one. They have grown to the worldwide chains of Holyday Inn. The person mentioned is the founder of Holyday Inn Kemmons Wilson.

There is not a person who is without hardship and problems. However when we pray, we behold God’s heart and His plan for our lives. Prayer leads us to victory by granting true wisdom and ideas to us. Receive victory through prayer and follow God’s calling.

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