[Column] Remove the King Pin

Remove the King Pin

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


Most of the lumber consumed in North America is imported from Canada. The people in Canada can survive on its lumber exports for the next 150 years. It is said the even after logging the forest in British Columbia will once again become commercially useful for lumber exports within 60 years. In Vancouver, one can easily see logs drifting down the river. These are transported across a body of water rather than by land. When the drifting logs suddenly come to a halt in the middle of the river, experts do not panic. All they have to do is to find the cause and clear the way. In many cases, a large single log blocks the flow of transportation. That log is called a “kingpin.”

Every church has the cycles of life and growth. After the period of growth, a church may reach a plateau or even suffer deterioration. In this case, the kingpin must be correctly identified to bring about further growth. If the kingpin is not identified or it is confused with a false cause of the problem, church growth is not likely. The Institute for Church Growth has discovered that depending on the size every church has a significant kingpin. For example, for a church with a membership of fewer than 100 the kingpin is lack of evangelization. Without the ministry of evangelization, such a church is not likely to have a membership of more than 100 in spite of other worthwhile ministries. For a church with a membership of around 200, the kingpin may be the insufficient ministry for new comers. Even with fervent evangelistic zeal, failure to adjust new members can result in stunted growth of no more than 200. For a church to have over 300 members, it must nurture and make use of lay ministry. For the growth of over 500 members, a church must implement dynamic worship services. To exceed 1000 members, there need be active education programs. For a church of over 3000 members, its missions must be alive and active. If a membership of over 5000 is to be achieved, there needs be the powerful ministry of prayers.

These standards are not absolute but they were obtained from the careful studies of the growing churches in Korea according to their size. My point is that at each stage of church growth there is a kingpin, which needs to be understood and met with preparation. There may exist kingpins in the small groups and various ministries within a church. They could be conflict with church members, financial pressure, discord, or ethos of ministry. The key to removing kingpins is leadership. A leader should be possessed with wisdom and discernment to understand and solve problems. To do so, a wide range of interpersonal relationships, reading, a wide array of experience, learning from a mentor, expertise, courage like a lion heart, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit from prayers are needed.

I learned form my experience that failure to identify the kingpin or to remove it results in dampening of spiritual dynamics within an organization. The abundant experience of God’s love (Agape), Christ’s grace (Charis), and the gifts (Charisma) of the Holy Spirit are pivotal in bringing about spiritual dynamics. A growing church or small group emanates within it these three elements. When problems arise, pursue and experience God’s love. Be grateful to the grace of Jesus Christ and offer unto Him a prayer of thanksgiving. Scrupulously examine yourself to see if you are working according to the Holy Spirit and acknowledge the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Trinity is the fundamental factor in church revival. As long as the Triune God works within the church, any kingpin will be eliminated. Then a crisis can be an opportunity and an organization can move ahead in a new direction. Develop discerning leadership against crises and problems and desire spiritual blessings. You will experience creative transformation.

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