[Column] Simply Obey the Holy Spirit

Simply Obey the Holy Spirit

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

A man was skiing in Colorado. He was indulging in his pastime in the beautiful scenery of snow lying ahead. Suddenly he took notice of a handful of people in red vests. Aroused by curiosity, he drew closely to them and looked at the inscription of one of the vests. It read, “Visually impaired.” He was in utter disbelief. “Even with the perfect vision, I can’t ski well. Yet these people are doing a good job skiing. How is this possible?”

The man was very curious as to how the blind people ski. As he watched them very closely, he found the key to their skiing skills. It was rather simple. Each of the skiers had a leader who was teaching him or her how to ski. These leaders were skiing before, next to, and behind their disadvantaged pupils. The leaders were always at a position to easily communicate with their students. The man caught a glimpse of two methods of communication used.

The first method was to tap the ski pole to signal the location the second method was to verbally communicate such information as “straight,” “left,” “right,” “stop,” “slow,” “skiers on the right,” “skiers on the left,” etc. Eventually the blind skiers trust their leaders and obey their instructions.

Upon seeing this, he realized one thing. It was that life is like descending down the hill without seeing anything. Just like those blind people learning to ski, we do not know what will happen to us 5 seconds from now. Whether someone will accelerate toward us on skis or we will accelerate toward a rock, we do not know. We however have our leader. God has given us the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us throughout our lives. He walks and talks with us. Just as He does His part, we must do our part by acting according to His words just as the visually impaired skiers listen to and immediately act according to their leaders’ instructions. Simply obeying the Holy Spirit brings a tremendous blessing in our lives.

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