[Column] Take Possession of the Land of the Kingdom Of God

Many people give consideration to real estate speculation. However we must take interest in the eternal world of Heaven, not the temporal world of this earth.  In Jeremiah Chapter 32, Jeremiah is apprehended and put into the court of the prison by King Zedekiah. Then his cousin Hanamel visits him asking him to buy the field of Anathoth. Although these are the days of famine, war, and uncertain fate, Jeremiah in his faithfulness to the Word of God buys the field. He completes this sales transaction involving Hanamel not in private, but in public right in the court of the prison. Outwardly it was just a land purchase. However, in reality, it was the purchase of the hope of the Kingdom of God.

What was the message of hope of the Kingdom of God Jeremiah addressed? “Behold. This may appear to be useless but God will restore this land in His time. Let this be the proof.” The sealed deed of purchase will be important proof when his people return home from the bondage of Babylon. This will also be the sign of God’s promise and of Jeremiah’s hope and faith. That is right. Like Jeremiah, we should proclaim the hope of the Kingdom of God. As we approach the imminent passing of the temporal world, we must let go of materialistic greed and expand our lot in the Kingdom of God.

Henri J.M. Nouwen, the internationally renowned author, served as priest and professor for many years. In his 50s, he went through a period of spiritual void and asked himself an important question after 25 years of priesthood and teaching. “Did becoming older bring me closer to Jesus?” He realized that in spite of his prominence he had been secluded from the public, extremely busy, and inattentive in prayers. As he intently prayed for Divine guidance, he was called to service at L’arche, the community dedicated to aid those with intellectual disabilities, in Canada. God spoke to him, “Live with the poor in Spirit and I will heal you.” He described his transfer from Harvard to L’arche, as “moving from the best to the brightest.” There he shared with the disabled their suffering and pain and learned the meaning of the Kingdom of God and of the Gospel of Incarnation. Afterwards, he preached the profound messages that touched many souls.

Are you doing your utmost to enlarge your border here on earth or are you striving toward enlarging your border in Heaven? Do you use money, skills, titles, intelligence, health, gifts, and time solely for your own interest and success? Or do you share them with God and your neighbor? There are three ways of pursuing life. First, it is through survival. Second, it is through success. Lastly, it is through significance. We must transcend the boundary of mere survival or success and live a significant, worthwhile life. May all of you become the blessed messengers who like Jeremiah possess the land in the Kingdom of God and proclaim the hope for the Kingdom of God.

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