[Column] The Happy Calling of Salvation of Souls

A pastor introduced to the congregation an old gentleman before the sermon. He got on the pulpit and said, “A man had a son. One day, the son and his friend went to the beach for swimming and it was brought to the father’s attention that they were both drowning. Having only one life vest, he had to quickly decide in the moment of agony who to save. Many things went through his mind. Was he to save his son’s friend while leaving his son to die? Or was he to leave his son’s friend to die? Then this flashed across his mind. “My son will go to Heaven after death because he believes in God. I can see him again later. But his friend is an unbeliever and will suffer the everlasting torment of Hell”. The father cried unto his son “I love you, my son” and threw the life vest to his son’s friend to let him live. Likewise God let His Son suffer and let you live. Let us believe in and worship Him.”

After the service, many people came to him and said, “That was a very moving message. Can there be anyone in the world who can do such a thing? ” The old man then replied, “The pastor who has just delivered homily is the friend who survived and my son is the one who died.” How could this old man have done what he did? He knew his life’s calling. God calls His people twice: first unto salvation and later unto mission. Although everyone has a different mission, it has the common denominator: salvation of souls. Jesus Christ Himself said, “Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth” (Mark 1: 38).

God has transferred the task of salvation over to man. If we do not fulfill this responsibility, we will not be able to snatch the dying souls from the snares of the devil. The dead cannot evangelize others. Neither can Angels nor animals. Only man can evangelize. To assume our calling of evangelization, we must become spiritual man. Only when the Holy Spirit is present in us, we can see people spiritually. Then we can realize the life’s calling and bear the heart of love and compassion towards souls. There is a well known hymnal entitled Since Christ My Soul from Sin Set Free. The first verse sings, “Since Christ my soul from sin set free, this world has been a Heav’n to me; And ’mid earth’s sorrows and its woe, ’Tis Heav’n my Jesus here to know.” If we become the people of the Holy Spirit, we realize that our souls have been set free from sin and others’ souls must be set free as well. Jesus Christ said, “I came to this world to preach.” What about you? You must be mindful that you have been called to save and cure souls. Happy is he who knows his life’s calling.

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