[Column] The Law of Repetition

The Law of Repetition

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

If a leader wants to internalize his visions, he must utilize the law of repetition. CHOI Taewon, C.E.O. of SK Corporation in Korea, once said in employees’ seminar that a leader should be ready to be able to repeat the same words 1,000 times. All changes take place upon the application of the law of repetition. It is said that the world class golfers with exceptional athletic prowess practice putting by hitting the golf ball over 1,000 times. Repetition training inputs habits in the nerve cells in the brain and consequently governs our thoughts and behavior. The internalization of virtuous habits is more important. One becomes the person of spiritual excellence and of visions through the repetition of spiritual habits. Father Dongyup Cha, the author of the bestselling book in Korea The Principle of Rainbow, presented in his book three principles as the primary law of repetition.

The first principle is the law of twenty-one. It has been determined from the study on the effectiveness of flight training in the air force that the survival rate was highest among those trained twenty-one times. In psychology, it takes twenty-one days for a new habit to set in. Even a marketing theory states that an advertisement produces effects when repeated twenty-one times. Visualizing and acting upon a desired self-image or goal over twenty one repetitions bring about change. Repeating something twenty-one times brings about change, which induces confidence.

The second is the law of one hundred. If twenty-one repetitions are not enough, one hundred repetitions are recommended. There was an experiment involving a leech. The apparatus had a surface that ran an electric shock upon contact. The leech continues to attach itself to the surface even after falling off because of its poor memory. However, it did not attach itself to the surface after the 100th attempt in spite of its poor memory. Even its offspring did not attaché themselves to the surface. If it worked for the leech, would it not work for man?

The third is the law of ten years. Swedish psychologist Anders Ericsson coined a term the 10-year rule in regard to human habits. It states that to be an expert in a given field the intensive preparation for a minimum of 10 years is required. Even genius composer Mozart waited ten years of endless composition till he repeatedly penned masterpieces.

Change your image to a successful self-image and say to yourself: “I’m a worthy child of God,” “The curse of poverty, hate, and defeat within me has disappeared,” “I’m rich and happy in Christ,” “my business’s been blessed,” “I’m the messenger of God’s love and gospel,” etc. The more you see through spiritual eyes and pray, the more you will experience change. Constantly affirm your spiritual confidence within yourself.

There is a saying, “thoughts make habits; habits make behavior; habit makes character.” Virtuous habits are important. Inbuilt habits input the program of change in the brain. May you be the active and triumphant winner through the repetition of virtuous spiritual habits.  Never fear repetition. Repetition is the key of miracle.

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