[Column] Thinking is Directly Proportional to Success

Thinking is Directly Proportional to Success

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

There is a term “Pygmalion effect.” It originates from King Pygmalion in the Greek mythology who falls in love with the statue he carved. Moved by his love and dedication, Goddess Aphrodite breathed into the statue life. This story illustrates that aspiration, expectation, and affirmative thinking bring about change. How we think is very important. As Christians, we must think the heavenly things first and also think according to God’s will.

We must think big as God is big. In You Can be the Person You Want to Be by Robert Schuller, there is a story about a fisherman. After catching fish and removing the hooks, he would measure each and every fish with a ruler he had. Anything under 10 inches he put it in the basket and anything above 10 inches he released into the water. The man next to the fisherman carefully observed and noticed that this was being done to every fish he caught. The man told the fisherman out of curiosity, “You must be a philosopher.” The fisherman responded, “Why so?” The man said, “I figured there must be some philosophical meaning behind your keeping fish that are ten inches and under while releasing bigger fish.” The fisherman burst into a guffaw and said, “No. The skillet at my home is less than ten inches in diameter.” As funny as this story may be, it reflects our common mindset. We must overcome our limitation and circumstances and learn how to think big.

Furthermore we must think positively. Experts say 95% of brain activities in humans deal with fulfilling instinctive desire while only 5% govern higher, worthwhile thinking. That means if we leave the brain to rest we naturally conjure up instinctive and negative thoughts. Our left brain governs thinking; thinking generates emotions; emotions are the area controlled by the right brain. In summary, the right brain functions in conjunction with the left brain. There was a man who drank the water from the Niagara Falls while touring the site. A little later he saw a sign that read “Poison.” Realizing that he had just drunk the poisonous water, he came down with excruciating pain of his intestines dissolving. Soon he was taken to the hospital and the doctor upon hearing the man’s story broke into hysterical laughter. “The sign you saw read Poisson, not Poison. Poisson means fish in French.” As soon as the patient heard this, his pain completely disappeared. We feel as we think. We must at all times equip ourselves with positive, God-centered thinking that makes the impossible possible in all circumstance (Mark 9:23; Romans 4:17).

We must live everyday reflecting upon God’s callings. According to a research conducted at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, voluntary community service increases one’s happiness. Also it revealed that happy people actively engage in community service. Doing good deeds to others creates the domino effect of affirmation. How much greater would the effect be when we engage in God’s work? As we serve God’s work and callings, we grow happy and healthy. Before we know it, we also grow in faith. Faithful service built on active and positive thinking brings about the blessings of health and happiness. Thinking is directly proportional to success.

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