[Column] You are God’s Dream

The world of faith is the world of visions and dreams. The most important element of the fourth dimensional spirituality is a dream. God is a dreamer and Jesus Christ was His very dream. God the Father dreamed that people would be saved, healed, and blessed through Jesus Christ and realized that dream. Now God’s dream is each and every one of us and He truly desires to realize His dream. Let us remember that we have been fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). In Greek, man is anthoropos. If you break down this word, it means, “the one who looks above.” It means man cannot be truly human unless he looks upward (Colossians 3:2). If God who is the light enters into our hearts, all the darkness is driven away and godly dreams and aspirations fill us.

Many of you must be familiar with Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Until his death in 1984, he devoted much of his time to campus ministry even in the midst of his battle with cancer. Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, “All utopian ideals end up being cruel in the end, because they can never be fulfilled.” While many were puzzled by this saying, his point was very clear: too many Christians seek happiness only and neglects personal sanctity. To harbor God-given dreams, we must first prioritize holy living and serving others. The most sacred dream of the saints of God is the salvation of souls. Whatever profession we work in, whatever our titles are, however much money we have, and however we live, our ultimate goal has to be healing and salvation of souls.

God’s dreams must be first realized in the heaven of our hearts. There are two heavens: one in the Kingdom of God and the other in our hearts. The Lord Prayer recites, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” God’s will is done first in heaven. Then, it is fulfilled on earth. Just as we need a blueprint to build a house, we need dreams to bring them into reality in the third dimensional world. Visions are dreams are the language of God. If the Spirit of God comes upon us, we become the people of dreams and also consumed with God’s dreams and aspirations. Transcending human reasoning, emotions, and circumstance, the Holy Spirit instructs us what to do and where to go. Thus, we gain a glimpse into great and mysterious works of God (1 Corinthians 2:9). Before being reassured of the promise of descendants, Abraham, the father of faith, had to step outside of the tent. Once he stepped outside, God told him to count the stars at night. Likewise, we must step outside our tents. We must get out of our comfort zone and look up to the heaven. Then, God’s visions and dreams will be fulfilled within us. Life is created as we envision it (Matthew 14: 25-32; Genesis 13:14-15).

Hardship is the friend of God’s dreams (Genesis 47:20). In 1812, William Carey, a Baptist missionary to India, lost all his irreplaceable manuscripts translated from Sanskrit language in a fire. Instead of being resentful or discouraged, Carey offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God and soon many who heard the story came forward to support the his ministry. Once barely making ends meet, Carey’s ministry now had abundant financial and human resources and was able to undertake even greater translation and missionary works (Romans 8:28). Trials and hardships we face in the course of our quest for God’s dreams are there to humble and strengthen us. Even in difficult times, the people of God ought to develop special skills towards the fulfillment of God’s dreams. The skills may include: worship ability (spirituality), learning ability (expertise), love-ability (character), and missiological ability (calling). Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Our future depends on what we dream of today. The Bibl refers to Joseph as a dreamer: “Here comes that dreamer” (Genesis 37:19). Are you a dreamer like Joseph? What you dream determines how your life is constructed. May all of you embrace God’s dreams and envision them with faith. May He bless you abundantly and strengthen you to fulfill His callings.

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