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Building a House of Prayer

Eighteen Prayer Models for Approaching God’s Throne

Author | Dr. Joshua Young-Gi Hong

<Arrow Prayer>

“A prayer is to experience the imminence of God and to realize the presence of God.”—Freeman

An Arrow Prayer is a prayer of bending a bow of spirit to shoot arrows to God. This is a short and simple prayer to God, asking for God’s help appropriately in a timely manner.

The Holy Place of Prayer

An Arrow Prayer is often used in an appropriate circumstance with a prepared. It is a common-used prayer. This prayer is very effective in requesting God’s total mercy with an earnest heart.

The Holy Place of Prayer 1

Shoot the Arrow that Moves God’s Heart

Each arrow of the Arrow Prayer is a prayer by itself. We can shoot one arrow of prayer in the morning as soon as we get up and another before going to bed at night.

Throughout day, we can shoot as many Arrow Prayers as we desire at each appropriate moment. The Arrow Prayer cannot be too lengthy because if an arrow is too long it will be much harder to pull. Arrow prayer should be short and simple. The arrow may be short but has powerful force depending on how tightly the string of the bow is pulled. We must project our sincere heart into the prayer so that it may move God’s heart.

There is one Arrow Prayer that I shoot every morning: “Lord, I anticipate good things happening today through you. Please watch over my family.” This prayer can be changed in any way you want. For example, we can give this prayer in a lyrical style of a gospel song, such as, “Today is the Lord’s day. Let us rejoice in the Lord today.”

I offer a short Arrow Prayer when I get on my car: “Lord, please protect me to drive safely.” I often pray at night before going to bed: “Father God, thank you for being with me today. Please cover me with the precious blood of Jesus tonight.” During the day, I also frequently shoot an Arrow Prayer: “Lord, I am your servant. Please use me for your will.”

You, too, can give simple Arrow Prayers in all circumstances. Before writing, you can pray: “Lord, please give me the ideas and wisdom to write well.” On the way to a job interview, you can pray: “Lord, please watch over my lips during the interview.” Before getting on the bus, you can pray: “Lord, please allow me a safe trip.” When children are going to school, we can pray: “Lord, please let the children learn well and get along with friends and others.”

The Holy Place of Prayer 2

An Arrow Prayer that Comes from Within Us

Although an Arrow Prayer is very simple, it requires our sincere heart. Our inner truth is a good bow from which to shoot out our arrow of prayer. St. John Vianney said the following in regard to the prayer that shoots out from our inside and the importance of having a pure heart to offer prayer: “A prayer is a fragrant dew. When offered with a pure soul, its dews are felt in the heart. We feel sweetness of a juice of well-ripened grapes in such a prayer. An earnest prayer melts away problems as the bright spring sun melts away the winter snow. People must make haste to God in much the way rounds are immediately fired from a gun. Prayer frees our spirit from troubles. Like the fire that lifts up a hot air balloon, our prayer takes our spirit higher. The more we pray, the more we want to pray again. At first, we may be playing along the shore. Later, however, like a fish that swims at the bottom of an ocean, our spirit has the joy of getting into deep conversation with God. A prayer is holy water. Where it flows, our dreams gain strength, blossom and come true. It makes our spirit pure and quenches the thirst in our heart.”

The most passionate prayer comes from the deepest corner of our heart. The prayer that comes out from the deepest place in our heart exerts the strongest power. We have to pray for the holy dreams and wishes locked up at the bottom of our hearts. Our sincere wish from our inner self can provide power like an arrow and speedily reaches God.

There are three kinds of Arrow Prayers. The first is a short prayer in response to a given situation. The second is an Arrow Prayer that is repeated over and over again. The third is to place the Arrow Prayer at a certain location and pray accordingly.

The Holy Place of Prayer 3

Nehemiah’s Prayer to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem

In the Bible, we can find the first type of Arrow Prayer through Nehemiah, who prays for several months upon receiving the tragic news of the destruction of the walls of Jerusalem. Then, he goes to King Artaxerxes with a sadness that he never had expressed before. The king asks if Nehemiah has something troubling his heart. And in Nehemiah 2:1-5, Nehemiah replies, “Why should my face not look sad when the city where my fathers are buried lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire?” The King then asks Nehemiah, “What is it you want?” Before Nehemiah answers the king, he takes a moment to pray to the God of heaven. Here, we can see that Nehemiah was a man of prayer. Although he prayed shortly and in silence, he must have given a short and simple Arrow Prayer in his heart. Perhaps, he must have prayed, “God, please move the heart of the king so that I can rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.” He then answers the king, “If it pleases the king and if your servant has found favor in his sight, let him send me to the city in Judah where my fathers are buried so that I can rebuild it.”

The Arrow Prayer can be used very effectively in unexpected situations. Christian prayers are not only for given times. Rather, they are to be given freely at any time of the day, or night. Therefore, they must flow like a river all day. Thus, willfully, we can use short sentences or words to tell God our heart through short Arrow Prayers. You can choose a particular method that works for you and repeat it in an Arrow Prayer. It is good prayer training to use this prayer consistently.

The Holy Place of Prayer 4

Jesus Prayer

A Jesus Prayer is the second type of Arrow Prayer. This is a prayer that has long been used by Eastern Orthodox Christians. Because this prayer follows the rhythm of your breathing, it has been known to people as a ceaseless prayer. The prayer is very simple, but it has everything that we need. It is: “Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” The Jesus Prayer is prayed by repeating this phrase.

The Christians of the Eastern Orthodox Church set aside some period of time for this prayer and used it repeatedly before they delve into a silent prayer. However, this prayer can be given in a car or when walking or washing the face, whenever necessary. A Jesus Prayer makes us realize that we are all sinners and that we absolutely need God’s mercy and compassion. If prayed with sincerity, it can turn out to be a very powerful spiritual arrow.

There are people criticizing repetitive prayers. However, Jesus did not disapprove the repetition itself. He condemned the vain repetition uttered by those who try to display their holiness through lengthy prayers.

The genuine prayer that comes from the bottom of the heart is never meaningless and empty. Although the prayer that I use every morning is a habitual, repetitive prayer, it shows strong effectiveness when I pray earnestly with a sincere heart: “Lord, I anticipate good things happening today. Please watch over and protect my family and me with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.”

Kenneth R. Waldron, former Anglican priest and now Ukrainian Orthodox priest, underwent a surgery. Waldron recalls hearing the doctor praying before anesthesia was administered: “Gospodi Pomilui, Gospodi Pomilui, Gospodi Pomilui” (Slavonic). The doctor was repeatedly praying, “Lord, have mercy.” Father Waldron was comforted greatly by this prayer from the lips of the doctor and went into deep sleep in comfort. There is no doubt that this kind of prayer will greatly comfort those who hear it. It is good practice to think of a favorite prayer that you can use repeatedly as an Arrow Prayer.

The Holy Place of Prayer 5

Aiming Your Arrow Prayer

It is a good idea to place a simple prayer at a certain place of your choice in order to use an Arrow Prayer effectively. For example, anywhere we may pray: “God the Father, let me rejoice always in the Lord. Please grant victory today again in Christ.” Christians should enjoy having a conversation with God.

Prayer does not end with just telling our wishes to God. The purpose of a prayer is to learn how to be with God all the time. If you offer an Arrow Prayer, time that may have seemed worthless will turn out to be well invested with an eternal value.

Checkpoint of Prayer

Although Arrow Prayers are very effective prayers that can be used in any situation, they alone cannot replace all other prayers. Of course, people who have a regular place and time for prayer can reap more fruit from prayer when it is used together with Arrow Prayer. As mentioned before, it is best to refrain from a lengthy prayer when giving an Arrow Prayer. You have to use a simple and powerful expression for the prayer, and it is important to pray it with sincerity.

Sweet Rain of Grace

Giving an Arrow Prayer again and again is beneficial to make prayer habitual. In other words, it is good for making praying your second nature. We naturally do not like to pray because of our sinful nature. As a result, we need to train ourselves to make it our habit. An Arrow Prayer is useful to condition us to pray against our natural aversion to pray. Additionally, in a situation of impending hardship, it can be a powerful prayer to God at a split second.

Make sure that you have the best Arrow Prayer for you. Then, shoot it to God’s heart. You will feel the imminence of the Lord.

Praying Time

It takes only five to ten seconds to shoot one Arrow Prayer. Because praying time is extremely short, we have to put our best effort to enhance its quality. Although we have to shoot the Arrow Prayers as often as we can, it is good practice to shoot one as soon as we get up in the morning and just before going to bed.

Closed Prayer Room

  • Arrow Prayer is a short and simple prayer to God, asking for God’s help appropriately in a timely manner.
  • Examples of Arrow Prayer
    >> Lord, please cover me up with the precious blood of Jesus today.
    >> Lord, please help me so that I can get home safely.
  • My Arrow Prayer:
  • The Order of an Arrow Prayer
    >> Praise (Hymn or Chorus).
    >> Confession of Thanksgiving
    >> Reading the Arrow Prayer
    >> Carrying out the Arrow Prayer
  • Self-illumination
    >> Did I shoot a spiritual arrow with a sincere heart?
    >> Did I perhaps give an unfocused, babbling, and meaningless reiterating prayer?
    >> Do I have a favorite Arrow Prayer?
    >> Am I praying habitually besides Arrow Prayers?

One Last Word on Arrow Prayer

Christians’ prayer is not limited to a certain, set time. It has to flow like a river all day.

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