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Building a House of Prayer

Eighteen Prayer Models for Approaching God’s Throne

Author | Dr. Joshua Young-Gi Hong

<Banner Prayer>

“A prayer has a long arm and hand. It can reach heaven directly. Our prayer reaches not only heaven but also anywhere in the world.”—Wesley Dewell

Banner Prayer makes a banner that represents a prayer topic by its theme, and several or even dozens of people gather around the banner to offer a concentrated prayer for the topic in unison. A Banner Prayer is a prayer of revival. It is an intercessory prayer for the revival of the church and reform of the world.

The Holy Place of Prayer

Banner Prayer is a prayer training model for the whole church. As much as personal prayer training is important, it is also valuable to develop collective prayer training. The Banner Prayer practiced at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, is well known for such training  HYPERLINK “http://www.brownsville-revival.org” www.brownsville-revival.org.) The church developed this prayer method during the well-known Pensacola Revival. A Banner Prayer is a systematic prayer training model, which developed the Cluster Prayer to be more visual and symbolic.

The Holy Place of Prayer 1

Background of the Banner Prayer Ministry

Rose Compton of Brownsville Assembly of God explained the inception of Banner Prayer to me. In 1993, God spoke to the senior pastor of the church, John Kilpatrick, saying, “My house is a house of prayer.” At that time, Pastor Kilpatrick asked for more specific instructions related to this word from God. Then, he was touched by the Holy Spirit to start stronger intercessory prayer and received the idea for Banner Prayer.

Pastor Kilpatrick organized the Sunday evening worship service to pray for revival and start Banner Prayer instead of preaching. He made nine banners and announced for people to gather around them and pray. The nine banners represented the prayer topics that the church would pray for. The prayer topics chosen by Pastor Kilpatrick and Rose Compton were: home, school, war, spiritual salvation, ministry, national leaders, divine healing, pastors, and revival.

Rose Compton called a lady in the church and asked her to design the banners after explaining the Banner Prayer program. The Lord gave her inspiration as to what design and what material to use for the banners. Then, six more ladies helped her finish making the nine banners. The banners were of wonderful fabric that reflected the light with colorful strings of adornment. She appointed a leader and an assistant leader for each banner. Every Sunday evening, they gathered together around each banner to offer a passionate intercessory prayer after a brief time of praise. The team leader of each banner explained how to pray and prayed for one hour to one and a half hours. The Banner Prayer was conducted specifically in the following manner:

  1. Make enough banners in advance for the number of prayer topics and set them around the church sanctuary.
  2. Allow sufficient time for praise to open the heart for prayer.
  3. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and sanctification before offering the Banner Prayer.
  4. Then, the participants circle around the banners to pray for three to five minutes around each banner.
  5. When the participants gather around the banner and pray, the prayer team helps with the overall process of the Banner Prayer.
  6. After the Banner Prayer is over, all gather around the Sanctuary to pray for the unification of the saints and spiritual warfare.
  7. After praying over each other, offer a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to God, who gives the victory.

The Brownsville Church added several other banners later on. They were banners for the peace in Jerusalem, children, tragic incidents, repentance, broken relationships, and an intercessory banner for the United States Armed Forces. The banners that Brownsville Church uses symbolize Yahweh (Jehovah) Nissi, meaning God of Victory (Exodus 17:15). In other words, expect a spiritual victory and proclaim it through a Banner Prayer.

The Holy Place of Prayer 2

Revival of Brownsville Church through Banner Prayer

The Banner Prayer became the powerhouse for the great Pensacola Revival. The church switched the Sunday evening worship service to Banner Prayer service and prayed for the revival of the church for several years. Meanwhile, Pastor Kilpatrick invited Evangelist Steve Hill to lead a Sunday revival service on Father’s Day of June 18, 1995.

An amazing work of the Holy Spirit was revealed then. After delivering the sermon, Brother Hill invited people who were drifting away from the Lord to come forward to the altar. A thousand people came forward.

Born from a raped mother, Steve Hill suffered from alcoholism and wandered about in his teen years. Then following the Holy Spirit baptism, he became a devoted servant of the Lord. After Brother Hill’s participation in the Argentine Revival of the early 1990’s, God sent him to Brownsville Church to use him alongside Pastor Kilpatrick for the Pensacola Revival. Packed-out revival services were held every day. Many people repented and were saved every week; miracles occurred; and the revival spread all over the United States and around the world. People from all over the world visited this church to see the site of the great revival and took many aspects of the revival home with them.

Pastor Kilpatrick said in regard to the revival, “The revival of our church started with prayer. We prepared for the revival for two and half years with prayer. Numerous pastors attended this prayer meeting. Although they may have had a doubt that God would allow us a revival, God answered our prayer powerfully after all.”

That’s right. The revival and growth of Brownsville Assembly of God was the result of prayers. An individual who devotes himself or herself to praying achieves revival of the faith. The church that devotes itself to praying will experience its revival as well as social revival (reform). Banner Prayer became the main power of the prayer for revival. The reason is there was a powerful Cluster Prayer. If congregational members learn how to pray and become mature spiritually through Banner Prayer, they will pray for and devote themselves to the revival of the church.

When I was leading a Holy Spirit seminar at the Institute for Church Growth, I once used Banner Prayer. After the seminar was over, I started a Banner Prayer with the attending pastors. I set up banners with the theme of pastoring, soul and spirit, divine healing, home, and revival and instructed them to pray in front of any banner they so desired. At the last moments of the Banner Prayer, we held each other’s hands and praised God. Then, we prayed in unison. And there was a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit upon us. When we asked for the help of the Holy Spirit and offered a Banner Prayer with a clear and specific theme, God came upon us. The attending pastors found a new confidence in the Holy Spirit’s consolation and in their ministry.

Put the Banner Prayer into practice in your church as well. It will create an atmosphere favorable to praying, and the amazing power of a prayer will be realized. You will experience a miracle, and your problems will be solved. Perhaps it may take a few years as it did with Brownsville Church, but God will pour His blessings upon those who practice the Banner Prayers sincerely.

The Holy Place of Prayer 3

Making of a Banner Prayer Inspired by the Holy Spirit

The Banner Prayer can be carried out specifically to the circumstance of each church. In other words, the Banner Prayer can be produced in accordance with the need. For example, if your church is torn because of conflict and irreconcilability among the members, then the church can make a prayer banner of “Unification.” Under the banner, we can pray: “Lord, please forgive the sins of our church members, who hated and became jealous of each other. Only the love of the Lord can make us one again. Please bind us with the band of peace in the Holy Spirit.

If your church has a great interest in Myanmar Mission (a South Korean ministry to a closed Buddhist country), you can make a banner of “Myanmar Mission.” Because it is a Buddhist country and ruled by a military dictatorship, it is hard to have a missionary activity there. Thus, we can pray for the resolution of such problems of Myanmar as religious oppression, political corruptions, church reform, theological education, and such under the banner of “Myanmar Mission.” This kind of missionary banner is very effective in drawing the interest of all saints and instilling a vision of mission.

If your church aims for the spiritual maturity of the church members through a Banner Prayer, then make Banner Prayers for the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Make banners of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23), and have the congregational members check their life of faith under each banner. Additionally, we can make banners of God’s names. Use banners of God’s names that appear in the Bible such as El Shaddai (Almighty God), El Roi (God of Watching-Over), Yahweh (Jehovah) Tzidkenu (God of Righteousness), Yahweh (Jehovah) Rapha (God of Healing), Yahweh Jireh (God Our Provider), Yahweh (Jehovah) Shalom (God of Peace) to pray for each banner. It will be the greatest blessing to pray passionately and meditate on God’s power and character in front of each banner. Those who practice this prayer will experience God more intimately and deeply.

The making of prayer banners for each church depends on its needs and must be led by the Holy Spirit. We have to recognize that the main focus of all prayers is God the Holy Spirit. Thus, let us pray like this: “God the Holy Spirit, what is the most needy prayer topic for our church? Please have us make the necessary prayer banners and let the lives of the congregational members change through the Banner Prayer movement. And let this church experience its revival.” The Holy Spirit is the one who gives an inspiration on how to pray and enables us to put it into practice.

The Holy Place of Prayer 4

The Power of Intercession through the Banner Prayer

The focus of Banner Prayer is on intercession. Through the Banner Prayer, we can experience the power of intercessory prayer. Father Chun-Duk Dae, an Anglican priest, fell asleep in the Lord not too long ago. He spent most of his life serving Christians at “Jesus Abbey.” He said, “Intercessory prayer is a collaboration with God.” Since intercessory prayer is praying to God for others, it can be placed on a pedestal above all other prayers. Because the Banner Prayer is an intercessory prayer in which many people gather to pray together for the same intercessory prayer topic, it can be a prayer model of higher level than just a simple intercessory prayer. This is a practice of love through a prayer in that we place our focus on others over ourselves. In order for our faith to mature, we need intercessory prayers for us, and we need intercessory prayers for others. Prayer is absolutely necessary for the church to stand firm spiritually.

Charles Spurgeon was a great preacher and evangelist. A disciple once asked him, “How can you deliver such a powerful sermon and revive the church?” The pastor took him to the basement of the church and showed him two senior deaconesses. Then, Spurgeon said, “Because these old ladies are praying for me, all is possible. Because of their sincere prayers, this church can stand strong.” Spurgeon knew that God’s work is revealed only through our prayers.

That is right. Intercession is a powerful instrument to achieve God’s work. God works through our prayers. The greatest work of Jesus is to sit on the right side of God’s Throne and intercede for us. One of the works of the Holy Spirit is a ministry of praying to dwell in us and intercede for us. A prayer is a railroad on which God’s working runs. The Banner Prayer is an intercessory prayer movement at the church level. This prayer movement will bring about our repentance and revival of the church. And we will glorify God by seeing Him alive and working. Remember the banner of victory!

Checkpoint of Prayer

In a Banner Prayer, we should not deify or idolize the banner itself. The banner is an object made by visualizing and projecting our faith. Thus, we have to think of the theme of the Banner Prayer and offer a devoted prayer. Since the banner represents a spiritual victory, we must have a firm conviction for our prayer when we offer a Banner Prayer. We have to proclaim in unison that we already possess the power to overthrow Satan in the spiritual world. Thus, the Banner Prayer is a powerful prayer of spiritual authority.

Sweet Rain of Grace

When offering a Banner Prayer, we can focus on a unifying prayer. This unification maximizes the wave of the power of the Holy Spirit. The unifying prayer can bear excellent fruits in personal prayer training of the saints. Additionally, the Banner Prayer can be the cornerstone for church revival.

Praying Time

The duration of the Banner Prayer can depend on the number of banners. After deciding on the praying time duration, allocate the praying time depending on the number of banners. For example, if you set the praying time to be one hour and the number of prayer topics is six, then you can pray ten minutes for each banner (prayer theme). If there is a serious time constraint, then you can bring the most needed banner and set it up so that you can pray for its prayer topic. However, open your heart for the Holy Spirit to work freely in you. If there is anointing and leading of the Holy Spirit, then you can easily pray two to three hours.

Closed Prayer Room

  • Banner Prayer makes a banner out of a prayer topic by its theme, and several or even dozens of people gather around the banner to offer a concentrated prayer for the topic in unison.
  • An Example of a Banner Prayer
    >> Lord, I want to make banners out of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Let the saints in our church be people of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • My Banner Prayer:
  • The Order of a Banner Prayer
    >> Praise (Hymn or Chorus)
    >> Confession of Thanksgiving
    >> Reading of a Banner Prayer
    >> Carrying out the Banner Prayer
  • Self-illumination
    >> Am I deifying or idolizing the banner itself?
    >> Do I have a firm conviction that my prayer will be answered when offering a Banner Prayer?
    >> Is unity of the congregational members being realized through the Banner Prayer?
    >> Am I experiencing a new revival of my church through the Banner Prayer?

One Last Word on Banner Prayer

The banner symbolizes Yahweh (Jehovah) Nissi, God of Victory (Exodus 17:15).


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  2. Hi, Can’t tell you how blessed I am to see your words here. I was the one that the Lord called upon to design and make those first Prayer Banners that were used as prayer focal points at Brownsville A/G. When initially charged with the task- I had no idea what I was getting into but quickly realized that Jehovah God was about to do a great work in our midst. As we so carefully sought him in prayer and in the reading of the Word- He was faithful to provide even the details! I can remember the day when we dedicated the labor of our hands and hearts back to Him and asked Him to anoint His Word that was displayed upon them and not only that but to touch those who came in faith believing and expecting! The Word of the Lord released in faith moves forward through time to fulfill itself in His divine time! I’m so blessed to know that that which we did in faithful obedience is still reproducing fruit for the Kingdom of God! God bless you and yours! May He reveal himself to you all as He has to us! May He touch you and change your lives forever! Amen!

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