[Exclusive] Building a House of Prayer, Introduction, Series #3


Building a House of Prayer

Eighteen Prayer Models for Approaching God’s Throne

Author | Dr. Joshua Young-Gi Hong

<Introduction> Series #3



Models of Prayer Training

What kinds of models are there for prayer in order to meet God? In this book, I will introduce eighteen prayer models in six categories or parts.

Part 1, Biblical Prayer—prayer models based on the Word of God—will include Scripture Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, Full Armor Prayer, Shepherd’s Prayer, and Ten Commandments Prayer.

Part 2, Relational Prayer—prayer models in which we affirm our relationship with God and develop our intimacy with Him—will include Free-Style Prayer and Identity-Affirming Prayer.

Part 3, Wishful Prayer—prayer models by which we request God for our holy desires—will include Arrow Prayer, Topical Prayer, and Ripple Prayer.

Part 4, Spiritual Development Prayer—prayer models designed to complete spiritual commitment—will include Praise Prayer, Tongues Prayer, and Fasting Prayer.

Part 5, Holy Imagination Prayer—prayer models that require a spiritual imagination and training—will include Meditation Prayer, Visualization Prayer, and Tabernacle Prayer.

Part 6, Communal Prayer—prayer models in which all the saints pray together in a church community—will include Cluster Prayer and Banner Prayer.

  There are many books on prayer that have been printed and circulated widely. This is not an introduction or theological exposition on prayer. Instead, it suggests a methodological model on how to come forward to God and how to meet with Him. Thus, the contents of this book require our practice in life for it to be beneficial. This book is not just for reading. We have to put each model into practice in our life. As we grow in prayer, we will realize the great love the Lord has for us.


God Awaits Us in the Holy Place of Our Soul

  According to a survey of Research and Research (1999), South Koreans spend most of their free time watching television. On average, South Koreans spend about twenty hours per week watching TV. If you are Christian, compare the time you spend on TV with the time that you spend on meeting the Lord. How much time do you give in meeting the Lord?

  The Lord makes our body His temple and dwells in us. In the days of the Old Testament, people had to bring sacrifices into a temple of God to meet Him. However, in this New Testament era all Christians now have an inner temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells through the Spirit of the Resurrected Jesus. “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?” (1 Corinthians 3:16). God, who made our body His temple, awaits us in the Holiest Place. Thus, we have to come forward to God, who is waiting for us in the Holy Place of our soul. We have to delve into the deep world of prayer to meet God.

  In 2001, I met the former South Korean president, Young-Sam Kim, twice for five hours because of a research task on Christian faith and politics. Before the meeting, one of the secretaries kept reminding me by telephone not to be late for the appointment. Former President Kim told me many things on his Christian faith and political conviction. This interview process provided me an opportunity to think about meeting God. If I were to meet the president or anyone with a higher socio-economic status than myself, wouldn’t I go earlier than the appointment time and be thoroughly prepared for the meeting?

Then, I thought about how I treat God, the King of kings, who wants to see me. At the same time, I repented for ignoring God the Father, who wants to see me at the Holy Place of my soul. God is much closer to us than we think. Many Christians overlook the voice of God. Thus, the Bible says, “Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near” (Isaiah 55:6).

  We keep the promises between us but often do not regard a promise with God seriously. Kierkegaard said that most of us are too busy to wait for God patiently. Many obstacles in life such as a busy schedule, laziness, and such may try to hinder our entrance into the Holy Place. However, as Hudson Taylor said, “Satan may put a fence around us to restrict our movement, but he cannot put a roof above our head and prevent us from looking above.”

  Prayer transcends the barriers of physical environment. When we open our heart to look up toward God, we are praying. A prayer is to long for God, who watches over us. Prayer is to meet God, who waits for us. When we look above and desire to come forward to the throne of the Lord, our Counselor, the Holy Spirit, will surely help us.

God will bless our heart to pray.


Revival of the Church Depends on the Fire at the Holy Place

  Churches are in need of spiritual revival. Revival depends on receiving life from God. Revival happens to those who pray. It happens to those who keep the fire burning at the Most Holy Place. Christians who burn the fire of God and love at the Most Holy Place of their souls can make a spiritual revival happen. Just as the flame was kept burning in the days of the Old Testament, Christians should always praise God and be thankful. God looks for a few people who pray in a grotto the way they are, over famous people. God uses people who rely on God humbly, over smart people. A person of prayer never fails. Even in a storm of terrible rain and wind, God will protect, lead, and bless those who pray. God will achieve His will through these people. So let us pray the way we are at this very place. Let us kindle a fire of devotion on the altar of prayer.

  A praying church will experience a communal revival. Our churches need saints who have fervor for God. They need prayer warriors. We must have prayer warriors to change society—not ten thousand lukewarm Christians but passionate “three-hundred” (as in the story of Gideon) Christians who can change the world.

  I pray that those who are reading this book will become prayer warriors. Getting into the deep world of prayer, I pray that you will enjoy abundant blessing of God that you cannot hear or see. Even if the world changes, we need prayer revival movements. I hope this book will be the foundation of a prayer revival to many saints in the Church.

  Now we will venture on a journey into a wonderful world of prayer revival from the next chapter. Before starting this journey, let us pray, “Father God, I want to learn how to pray. Please grant that I may experience the joy of meeting you. Give me fervor and power to pray. Please allow the revival of my spiritual life and my church.”

  “LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy” (Habakkuk 3:2).


To be Continued…


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