[Column] Minister According to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Minister According to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Written By Rev.Dr. Joshua Hong

Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.


What I have learned from my ministry thus far is that without the gifts of the Holy Spirit one cannot effectively take up God’s ministry. A growing church is that which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are exercised. Church growth occurs when the gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested whether consciously or unconsciously. The gifts of the Holy Spirit (Charisma) are founded upon God’s love (Agape) and the grace of Jesus Christ (Charis). Just as the Holy Trinity exist within the church as the indispensable agent of renewal, the Trinitarian function of love, grace, and gifts are the essential elements of the development of the church.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit must be used in forms of the ministries of the Word and of altruistic service to build up the church. The Word of God given us by the Holy Spirit must transform from Logos to Rhema. If Logos is the written Word of God, Rhema is the most appropriate Word to be effectively transmitted by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Word of God, the sword of the Holy Spirit, has three edges. The first edge is preaching ministry. The second edge is teaching ministry. The last third edge is prophecy ministry. Of the ministry of the Word of the Spirit, preaching ministry is centered on awakening faith in unbelievers. Teaching ministry deals with nurturing the faith of the existing believers. Prophecy ministry serves both preaching and teaching functions. God is restoring the ministry of the prophetic Word in the church of the modern day. We must always live our lives holding onto the dreams and visions given us by the Word of God. When the gifts of the Holy Spirit are utilized with respect to the Word without moving ahead of or falling behind the Word, the healthy growth of church can be achieved. The primary purpose of God’s gifts is to worship the Word of God.

If the ministry of the Word is the transmission of the will of God to each of the faithful and the church, the ministry of altruistic service is the dedication to God and the church. The faithful and the church must use the gifts with intent desire for the holy things (1 Corinthians 12:1, spiritual gifts). A healthy church is the community of the gifts, in which all the faithful serve according to their gifts.

The people with great many gifts were invited to dinner. As the hostess was bringing out the deserts after the main course meals, she tripped over the rug in the kitchen and fell. Having seen this, the person with the gift of service looked around for a mop to clean up. The person with the gift of prophecy said, “What a shame. When I saw the rug, I knew it was going to happen.” The guest with the gift of comfort hurried to the hostess to make sure she was all right and comforted her. The person with the gift of leadership supervised the entire process of cleaning. Also, the person with the gift of encouragement started to tell entertaining stories to change the mood and in turn he delighted everyone. The guest with the gift of teaching advised that the rug be placed elsewhere.

As can be seen, people react differently under the same circumstance according to their gifts thus creating harmony to bring about the development of the entire community. To become a growing church, each of the faithful should serve the Lord with conviction in his or her strengths and gifts by firmly standing on the Word. Are you serving the Lord according to your gifts?


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