[Column] Proceed towards God-given Visions

A leader is a man of Godly dreams and visions. He, however, must keep in mind that there are trials in achieving these dreams and visions. There is a saying “With the good comes the bad.” Why do we face hardships and trials in spite of doing God’s work? That is because God desires us to further depend on Him in humility in the absence of pride. Further, He wants us to realize that our visions are fulfilled by His assistance rather than our own wisdom or power. In the course of achieving our visions in the midst of trials and hardships, we undergo refinement of faith and character. Job 23:18 validates this point: “But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” Jeremiah’s plan to restore the walls of Jerusalem was met with ridicule and oppositions (by Sanbalat, Tobias, and Geshem in Nehemiah 2:19). Having trusted in God’s righteous right hand, Jeremiah pressed on and eventually triumphed. Eager surrender to obstacles will not achieve greater things in life.

 A farmer complained to God while gathering the harvest. “God, how wonderful it would be to control the weather as I wish. I’d be able to gather an abundant harvest.” God then granted his wish saying, “OK. I give you the power to manipulate the weather for the next one year.” As the ecstatic farmer summoned the sun, a beautiful ray of sunshine gently covered the land. He then petitioned for rain and it rained. The power to manipulate weather caused him to grow crops faster and bigger and there came a time for harvest. However it was a disastrous crop failure. What appeared to be healthy crops were empty inside and yielded no grains. “How’s your crop yield?” asked God. “Horrible. Nothing but chaffs. What happened, God?” said the farmer bitterly. God responded, “You never wanted the wind. It stimulates growth by strengthening the root and enhancing resistance to harsh weather conditions. Too bad you only requested what you wanted.” Failure, mistakes, and hardship can serve as stimulants to achieve visions and success.

The people with God-given visions must overcome obstacles that may come from within or without. Regardless of these obstacles, we must proceed forward. Whether in individuals or in groups, history is created by those who look ahead and proceed forward. If we learn to draw a mouse from the beginning, we will not even be able to draw an ant. Let us dream big and learn to draw a tiger. We may avoid criticism if we lie dormant but the only place designated for those who lie dormant is cemetery. While the dead do nothing, the living must move about and pursue innovation. A leader is called to undertake greater tasks and proceed towards noble goals instead of settling for stalemate.

It took almost 32 hours for the first steam boat to travel from New York to Albany. It is said that a passenger of a horse wagon dismissed this historical undertaking with a scornful laughter as the wagon outran the boat. Had it not been the pioneering spirit of a few brave individuals, we would not have been the recipients of modern technological innovations. The first flight by a powered airplane was made possible by Orville and Wilbur Wright, owners of a bicycle shop. It only lasted 59 seconds. In spite of public ridicule and contempt, they continued their experiment and gave birth to modern aviation. History is written by those with visions and dreams. As William Carey said, “Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God.” Do not be discouraged by hardships and obstacles. Move forward.

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