The Most Important Question in Life (1): Who Am I?

The most important question in life is, “Who am I?” all of us should be able to answer this question for it is important to clearly understand our identity. 1 Peter 2:9 writes that we are “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people.” That is, I who have been saved am a child of God the Father, King of Kings. Who am I? I am the son or daughter of Jehovah. Our directions in life can dramatically change as we understand our spiritual positions.

As the children of God, we must live the life of overcoming sin. Someone interpreted arithmetic in terms of sin as follows: Addition- Sin adds to your problems. Deduction-Sin deducts determination and peace from your soul. Multiplication- Multiplication of sins leads to the multiplication of your pain. Division- Sin divides neighbor and break down souls. That is right. The consequences of sin are dire. Man’s corruption arising from greed, hate, and deception cannot be purged by charity or discipline. Only the blood of Jesus Christ, who came to earth and was crucified for redemption of humanity can save us from sin and judgment and help us live as God’s children.

Also we must live the life of experiencing God’s love. In 101 More Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit, there is a story about the father who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only six months to live. Because of his excessively authoritarian attitude, his son shunned him and could not forgive him. However the love for him gradually grew in the son’s heart in the wake of this tragedy. Eventually the son visited his father in the hospital everyday and tried to hug him. Yet the father cringed in awkwardness. A few months later, however, the father came forward and hugged the son and said, “I love you, son.” God tried to hug and embrace us tens of thousands of times. Do we not ever refuse this gesture of affection? Now let us embrace Him. Rather let Him embrace us. As Karl Barth said when asked to summarize his faith, “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.” We must remember this at all time.

Lastly, we must be equipped with fitting self-image. Just as a pup becomes a dog and a pony becomes a horse, we will transform into glorious beings when Christ returns. I know a gentleman by the name of Yumsoon Choi. In Korea, the name Yumsoon is considered an old-fashioned female name and he was always self-conscious about that. Then he changed his self-image through leadership training and later reinterpreted his name. “I am Yumsoon Choi, the man of a pure heart who endeavors for the best.” Yum is the first syllable of the Korean word yumwon , which means endeavor; soon the Korean word soonsoo, which means purity; choi the Korean word choigo meaning the best. Later he headed the Dale Carnegie Research Institute in Korea and built his reputation as a professional speaker on leadership, interpersonal relationship, and success. God changed the name Abram to Abraham and instilled in him a new self-image as “the ancestor of faith and of all nations.” Just as any flying object is governed by the law of gravity, our life must be bound by the spiritual law of “the identity as the children of God.” Let us not forget that we have become the recipients of success and happiness.

Even amid discouragement and hardship, we must not lose sight of one thing, our identity. “Who am I? I am a child of God the Father who loves me.” Indeed we are the extraordinary people of God.

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